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Friday, February 22, 2013

Principles Of Orthodox Worship - II

by Fr. Dr. Mathew Vaidyan

Communication with the five senses.

The five sense help us in human communications.

The same is applicable to our communication with God. In real worship we see, hear, smell, taste and experience the divine communion.

Preaching the word of God and listening to it are not the exclusive factors of worship.

Take the example of the three fold colors by which the Holy Altar is decorated.

The red covering at the altar indicates the universe and the solar system. The green coloring denotes the earth with the greenish variety of biological species.

The white covering indicates the Church made sanctified and pure through the blood of the unblemished lamb of God , Jesus Christ.

The blood and body of Christ were given to the Church and the whole creation is sanctified through the Church.

In worship we listen to the word of God , smell the odour of incense , touch the hands of our brethren in Kiss of Peace and taste from the divine chalice perceiving the mysteries of the liturgical scenario.

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