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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Faith of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church - I

The faith and liturgy of the Malankara Syrian (Syriac) Orthodox Church are similar to those observed by the Universal Syrian Orthodox church.

These include the belief in Trinity, Jesus Christ's incarnation as the Savior, Nicean creed, the Church, Holy Bible, the Divinity of the traditions, the observations of the Sacramental rites, Intercession of St. Mary and Saints, Rites after death, Prayers for the departed, Daily prayers, lent, Fasting, Celebrating holy Qurbana (Eucharist or Mass) on Sunday and other sacred days, Church consecration, the three stages of priesthood which has the Apostolic succession that comes from St. Peter through the Holy Throne of Antioch preserving the Canonic laying on the hands, Baptism, the Holy Cross, the three Holy Synods and (veneration of) the Relics of Holy fathers.

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