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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Faith of the Universal Syrian (Syriac) Orthodox Church - VII

Role of St. Mary and Intercession to Saints
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St. Mary is the perpetual virgin and mother of God who is esteemed as the first among the saints.

Intercessory prayers are offered in the names of the Saints, Churches are built in their venerated memory and their relics are honored and their memories are celebrated.

(Immaculate conception for St. Mary, as taught by Catholic Church, is not accepted by the Syrian Orthodox Church.)

The Syrian Orthodox church teaches that observing lent, refraining from rich food, etc. are good for the spiritual awakening.

The Church observes every Wednesday and Friday as days of lent. Also there are five canonical lents annually.

These are: 50 days lent before Easter (Valia nombu), the 13-day lent of Apostles, the 15-day lent in the name of St. Mary, the 25-day lent before Christmas and the 3 day lent (Nineveh).

In addition to these required lents, many believers also observe the optional 8-day lent (ettu nombu) from September 1-8 that ends on the birthday of St. Mary on November 8.

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