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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Faith of the Universal Syrian (Syriac) Orthodox Church - VIII

Priesthood and Apostolic Succession
The Syrian Orthodox church believes that it receives Apostolic Benediction and succession through the

Patriarchs seated on the throne of St. Peter at Antioch and the Patriarchs are the successors of St. Peter.

The Apostolic laying on the hands is regarded to be absolutely essential for the Order of Priesthood.

Only those priests who have received such ordination have the authority to perform liturgy and give sacraments.

The church teaches that the priests are the designate of Christ.

Thus they are empowered to forgive sins.

The believers make secret confession before the priest who can forgive the sins in the name of Christ.

The Church asserts the need for marriage to those priests who are Vicars of Parishes.

But the bishops are unmarried and must adhere to celibacy.

The Priests are not allowed to remarry. The Church also preaches that matrimony is sacred.

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