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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mid-Lent (Twenty Fifth Day of the Great Lent) 6 March 2013

The 25th day of the lent is known as mid lent (Paathi Nombu in Malayalam). 

This is one of the very few days during the Great Lent that the Holy Qurbana is celebrated on a weekday other than Sunday or Saturday. 

Liturgy for mid-lent includes a procession around the church carrying a cross. The procession is followed by a service known as 'exaltation of the cross' (sleeba aaghosham in Malayalam). 

The cross is then placed on a big decorated cross like stand covered with a red/crimson cloth in the middle of the the church. 

This structure is called Golgotha. There are several significances to the erection of Golgotha.

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