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Friday, March 22, 2013

Orthodox Spirituality - V

by Fr. Dr. M. John Panicker

What is its Goal of Orthodox Spirituality ?

The goal of Orthodox Spirituality is the perfection of the believer by his/her union with God in Christ. But as God is unending, the goal of our union with Him, or our perfection, has no point from which we can no longer progress.

So all the Eastern Fathers say that perfection is unlimited. Thus our perfection is not only the goal but also an
unending process. In this process two great steps can be distinguished: first, the moving ahead toward perfection through purification from the passions and the acquiring of the virtues and secondly a life progressively moving ahead in the union with God. At this point, man’s work is replaced by God’s. Man contributes by opening himself up receptively to an ever-greater filling with the life of God.

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