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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Orthodox Spirituality - VII

by Fr. Dr. M. John Panicker

Orthodox Spirituality and this world - 2

The road to Christian perfection does not exclude this world and the works in it, but it does require that it
contribute to the winning of virtues.

No one should imagine that the work he/she does is an end in itself; it has the role of beautifying his nature, with the virtues of patience, of self-control, of love for his neighbor, of faith in God, and in turn of opening his eyes to the wise principles placed by God in all things.

The ultimate purpose of work and the taking part in the life of this world is not so much the development of nature as it is the normal development of the dormant possibilities in man and in his neighbors. Even in the enduring of troubles, which is one of the most important means of Christian striving, we don’t have to run away from the life of the world, but persistence in it. The care for one’s own formation and that of our neighbors, by beautifying ourselves with virtues, does not mean a non-participation in the life of the world.

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