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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Principles Of Orthodox Worship - IX

by Fr. Dr. Mathew Vaidyan
Liturgical hymns with diversity of tunes

The highest form of worship is to use hymns with diversity of tunes as in the Psalms.

Through liturgical hymns we are getting into the horizon of the fact of incarnation.

We are exploring the divine mysteries through our hymns.

Music is the human response to divine love. Music transforms human mind. It is the highest form of devotion and the strongest mental shock absorber.

With the heavenly angels who stand in rows and repeat the chanting of melodious prayers, the earthly beings participate in the worship with melodious songs.

In the book of psalms there are directions to lift up the voice of the choir. The word “sela” means “lift up.”

In the communal worship and singing , the choir members are reminded here to raise and lower down the voices and tunes.

Worship is our state of being immersed into the ocean of God. We feel relaxed when our burdens, problems, afflictions and aspirations are submitted before God.

Worship is the state of our relaxation before God.

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