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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An explanation of Holy Qurbana-I

Holy Qurbana or the "Holy Offering" or "Holy Sacrifice", refers to the Eucharist as celebrated according to the Syriac Orthodox Church traditions.

An explanation of Holy Qurbana-I

The Public Service

The curtain covering the sanctuary is drawn aside,signifying the arrival of the promised Messiah.It also signifies the opening of heaven.

This special occasion proclaims the Birth of the Christ, and the altar at this time represents the manger of Bethlehem.

Presence of heavenly beings are represented by the sounds made by  "Maruvahsa".(A special fan like instrument mounted on a pole.)

The entire congregation joins in a song of praise while the priest offering incense and the deacons holding candles goes around the altar in a procession, waving the "Maruvahsa".

(The two Saints Mary and John are remembered and their prayers requested for as they were the ones who were intimately connected with the incarnation of the Lord, Mary who brought Him forth and John who prepared His way.)

The priest represents Christ who is the High Priest. The deacon who leads the procession represents John the Baptist, and the other deacons represent the Apostles and Disciples of Christ.

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