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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

An explanation of Holy Qurbana-VI

Holy Qurbana or the "Holy Offering" or "Holy Sacrifice", refers to the Eucharist as celebrated according to the Syriac Orthodox Church traditions.

An explanation of Holy Qurbana-VI
The Nicene Creed

By reciting the Nicene creed We assert that we believe:

In the one True God, the Father Almighty

In the one Lord Jesus Christ who took birth for the salvation of humanity

In the one living Holy Spirit

In the One Holy, Catholic (universal) and Apostolic Church

We acknowledge one baptism for the remission of sins

In the Resurrection of the dead and In the new life in the world to come

St. Mary is described as the Mother of God.

While the creed is being said, the priest turns to the other clergy present and congregation seeking forgiveness and requesting them to pray for the Lord to accept his oblations.

He then kneels down before the altar and entreat the Lord for remission of sins and acceptance of his offering.He prays and makes the sign of the cross on the altar with his right thumb mentioning the names,including departed souls, for whom prayers have been requested.

The deacon with the censer goes about the whole nave and returns to the altar, Signifying that God the Word came down from heaven and offered himself for us all

This is also a sign for the un-baptized to leave

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