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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Orthodox Spirituality - XIII

by Fr. Dr. M. John Panicker

The Soul of Orthodox spirituality - 2

Practice of virtues begins with repentance. 

The baptized Christian struggles with God’s help to escape from enslavement to passionate impulses.

By fulfilling the commandments, gradually he/she attains purity of heart and it is this that constitutes the ultimate aim of the first stage.

At the second stage, the contemplation of nature, the Christians sharpens his/her perception of the being of the created things, and discovers the Creator present in everything and thus it leads him/her to respect and give honor to fellow creations.

This leads him/her to the third stage, the direct vision of God, who is not only in everything but above and beyond everything.

The full vision of the divine glory is reserved for the age to come, yet even in the present life, the saints enjoy
sure pledge and first fruits of the coming harvest.

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