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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Orthodox Spirituality - XIX

by Fr. Dr. M. John Panicker


Orthodox spirituality is not an ecstatic movement like some contemporary so-called spiritual movements.

It gives us a lesson for the perpetual and continuing bliss that one can really experience in the Eucharistic worship of the Church. Flight from division, ascetic silence and hospitality are highly extolled in Orthodox spirituality.

For the Church Fathers, ‘to flee from the world’ means to flee from every thing that divides. Also, the spirituality must ultimately be understood in terms of paschal mystery.

It is an affirmation of the Cross-as the path of resurrection.

The ability to bear the cross comes from the joy of being saved. Joy in our Lord is our strength.

The aim of the exercise that at times is found painful is a purified love of God, of neighbors, and of the whole creation. But that also means an increase of joy.

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