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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Different Versions of Bible

The Bible 
by Rev. Fr. K.K. John
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Different Versions of Bible

One would confound and stumble at the fact that Bible scholars are sharply divided on so many aspects found in and of the Bible.

For instance; there is ‘Protestant and Catholic- Bible.’ While the Catholic Bible consists of 73 books (46 in Old Testament) the Protestant Bible contains only 66 (39 Old Testament).

The standard version of the Syrian Orthodox Church is “Peseetho” (Syriac, vulgate being the equivalent in Latin) which means common or simple.

This oldest version was completed in first century itself. This is also the most trustworthy in exactness, being devoid of translation errors, and contains 77 books.

However it can be regrouped and brought down to 73 so as to equate with Catholic Bible that is otherwise known as the “vulgate,” as translated by St. Jerome in the 4th. century and thus obviously, Latin vulgate version is a much later addition than Syriac Peseetho version and hence Syriac Peseetho Bible is highly authentic.

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