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Saturday, May 25, 2013

The “Apocryphal.” books of the Bible

The Bible 
by Rev. Fr. K.K. John
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The “Apocryphal.” books of the Bible

Protestants, just for protesting sake, followed suit of the Jewish canon and they named those omitted books as “Apocryphal.” 

These books are Book of Tobit; Book of Judith; Book of Esther (from chapter 11); first and second Books of Maccabees; Book of Wisdom; Book of Sirach; first and second Book of Baruch; Epistle of Jeremiah and second Book of Daniel. ‘Apocryphal’ is a Greek word to mean ‘hidden,’ but the Catholics call it ‘Deutero-canonical.’ 

Syrian Orthodox Church values the divine origin (inspiration) of these Books.

However, there is yet another aspect known as, ‘Apocalypses’ (revelations). The venerable fathers of our Church rightly felt that there are hidden meanings in the allegories and in the very presentation of the Book of Revelation; the untaught and unstable could easily misinterpret and misguide the faithful to achieve their own vindictive ends (2 Tim: 2-4 and 2 Pet.3: 16-17) and that is why ‘annual Bible reading guide’ does not contain portions from ‘the Book of Revelation’; but there is no restriction to read at home or to quote from it to elucidate a point.

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