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Friday, May 31, 2013

The role of the The Holy Spirit in interpreting the Bible.

The Bible 
by Rev. Fr. K.K. John
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The role of the The Holy Spirit in interpreting the Bible.

An impartial research to trace out the root of now existing groups and interpretations, would adduce, they lack the basic qualifications, though may be educated (1 Cor.1: 19-20), and hence spurious. 

Right thinking faithful should not heed to such nefarious interpretations (Gal.1: 8). The episode of conversion of the Ethiopian Eunuch vividly explains that education is not the main criterion to apprehend the riddles of the Bible. 

He was learned not only in his mother tongue but also in Hebrew or Greek, he was deeply religious so as to journey unto Jerusalem for worship, and he was an enthusiastic reader of scriptures as he was reading Prophet Isaiah, he was a man of great authority who had charge of all Treasure of queen of Ethiopia, but he could not, as admitted, understand what he read. It was Philip, guided by Holy Spirit, who explained the meaning Acts (8:26-31). 

The Holy Spirit does the whole job, through duly ordained servants of the Church, by the laying of hands and breathing, in exercise of powers vested in them.

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