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Friday, May 17, 2013

Why read the Bible ?

The Bible 
by Rev. Fr. K.K. John
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Why read the Bible ?

When I suggest to spent time to understand or explore the divine revelations of this unparalleled treasure of wisdom, at least a few obdurate youngsters, I am sure, who are, more often than not, accustomed to derive oblivion out of unceasing television shows, contemporary Rock-music’s, and joke magazines which are fully infested with sex-talks and sex-ads, would dare to brand me as fanatic.

Well, who around us in these days is not a fanatic on one thing or the other? Some spent a lion share of their time on viewing TV shows; some others on sports and commentaries; yet others Rock-music, Rock-dance.

Some are really crazy in reading spurious publications. Many are hero worshippers, who never bother the moral or ethical standard of their heroes; instead, they are zealous about one particular trait, which often times may even be personnel charm.

Some persons are ‘work-aholic.’ A miser finds pleasure when he saves one penny; a spendthrift finds his maxim when he spends one more penny; a mathematician finds solace when he solves a theorem; a poet elevates himself in a state of ecstasy upon seeing a flowering meadow and writes a sonnet; an alcoholic finds self-forgetfulness with a full drink, an artist enjoys most when others appreciate him; thus interests and tastes differ from person to person, but all are victims of one or the other uncontrollable fancy, which is nothing but fantasy, of their own merits, though many are unwilling to accept it and, such being the fact, why not be a fanatic for a better cause and spend some time each day to read, meditate and explore the Bible?

I exhort everyone to read the Bible as, in doing so you are conversing with God, its real author that shall be profitable to the soul, mind and body and no other book in the world offer this complacency.

Millions over centuries testify this fact and so why not try? “Heard melodies are sweet; those unheard are sweeter still,” so wrote P.B. Shelly.

This is very true about reading Bible; the more you read the sweeter you will enjoy.

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