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Monday, June 24, 2013

Bible is perfect, but there are more.

The Bible 
by Rev. Fr. K.K. John
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Bible is perfect, but there are more.

Everything in the Holy Bible is perfect, but there are more things outside the H. Bible and hence incomplete.

I am reminded of an intelligence question came up in an interview long ago to a group of contenders for a job placement. 

Three transparent containers filled to full capacity each measuring 1-gallon (a), 2 gallons (b) and 3 gallons (c) with colored liquid was placed on a table in front of them. The question was, ’which of the three containers is full? 

There were Bachelor Degree holders in science and Diploma holders in engineering. Most of them were perplexed and 80 % answered wrongly i.e. (c) and the rest answered correctly, i.e. all three containers are full, but all were unanimous in one thing that none of the vessels were equal in measure. 

Similar is the case regarding the perfectness of the H. Bible. Neither (a) which can be the 73 book - Bible nor (b) which can be the unwritten tradition are complete though full to their capacity and (c) can be the Church which is full and it accommodates both (a) and (b) and thus Church combines written and unwritten tradition to make it whole.

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