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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Can the Bible be interpreted according to one's own viewpoint ?

The Bible 
by Rev. Fr. K.K. John
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Can the Bible be interpreted according to one's own viewpoint ?

So the question whether, ‘chicken first or egg first,’ does not bother the faithful. 

Yet, some insolent people insist on Bible’s authority over the Church, often confusing both; I have already dealt with this in brief and add only that such of those claiming that they believe only what the Bible says do not understand the entirety of Bible and are simply repeating after their leaders. 

In other words, they conceive the Bible according to their leader’s viewpoint and never go beyond the authority of their leaders. So, in fact, they are concurring authority to the Bible relative to the leader’s opinion. 

Those who cannot submit to one another, as ought to be, wish always to be in first place (power mongers) at any cost, play with the scriptures; attribute new interpretations; even print their own conveniently worded Bible (didn’t you hear that, of late, some sponsors of women's activists from London have already published a new version of Bible in which “our father who art in heaven.” is replaced by the words, ‘our mother who art in heaven!’ Matt.6: 9 and this is only one of the numerous changes) to establish their own clientele. 

Martin Luther, in the course of reformation, attempted to delete the ‘Books of Revelations, Epistle to Hebrews and Epistle of James-he called it “epistle of straw”, and placed himself above the Holy Bible, as those Books went counter to his teachings; so is the case with all the so-called leaders.

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