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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Should Bible alone be the basis of one's faith ?

The Bible 
by Rev. Fr. K.K. John
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Should Bible alone be the basis of one's faith ?

Assuming correctness to the said dates; in the absence of an alternate date; from the first creation to the first writing of Genesis, there is a gap of about 2500 years, during which period there were men of strong faith in God. 

Abel offered the firstlings of flock and God was pleased Gen.4: 4. Worship started in the name of the Lord during the period of Seth, the son Adam, Gen 4: 26. Enoch walked with God ... and God took him, Gen 5:24. Then came Noah, ‘just and perfect man in his generation,’ Gen 6:9, then the great flood, then the great tower of Babel, then the confusion of languages and scattering of human race around the globe, then the choosing of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-the patriarchs, then the settlement at Egypt and the great exodus under the leadership of Moses and so on. 

If people could believe in God, walk with God, demonstrate unflinching obedience to God, and worship God for more than 2500 years without the support of a written document, no one can claim a written document, whatever nomenclature it may bear, be the basis of faith.

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