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Monday, June 3, 2013

The Church and the Bible are are inter-dependen

The Bible 
by Rev. Fr. K.K. John
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The Church and the Bible are are inter-dependent

My considered opinion on this issue is that both are inter-dependent and inter-related as there cannot be Church without Bible and there cannot be Bible without Church; provided, however, that there was time when there was no Bible and there was time when Church and faith in God existed without Bible. 

For example, Scofield reference Bible places the most probable date of Adam’s creation as 4004 BC. and the mission of Moses as 1491 BC.

General belief is that Moses authored the first 5 books, although this has been contradicted by various 18/19th. century scholars who suggest that Pentateuch were derived from different traditions namely, J (Jahuites), E (Elohites), D (Deuteronomist) and P (Priestly) and someone other-than Moses compiled it at a later date resulting in various repetitions and discrepancies and acquired full shape as we see today by the end of 5th. century, which fact, invariably, weakens the claim of Protestants.

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