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Monday, September 23, 2013

Praying to the Saints - III

Praying to the Saints - Why do we Venerate the Saints?
Can They Hear Us? (II)
Source - Malankara World

Some might try to argue that in this passage the prayers being offered were not addressed to the saints in heaven, but directly to God.

Yet this argument would only strengthen the fact that those in heaven can hear our prayers, for then the saints would be aware of our prayers even when they are not directed to them!

In any event, it is clear from Revelation 5:8 that the saints in heaven do actively intercede for us.

We are explicitly told by John that the incense they offer to God are the prayers of the saints.

Prayers are not physical things and cannot be physically offered to God. Thus the saints in heaven are offering our prayers to God mentally. In other words, they are interceding.

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