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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Praying to the Saints - IX

 Why do we Venerate the Saints? 
Overlooking the Obvious (II)
Source - Malankara World

If being in heaven were like being in the next room, then of course these objections would be valid.

A mortal, unglorified person in the next room would indeed suffer the restrictions imposed by the way space and time work in our universe.

But the saints are not in the next room, and they are not subject to the time/space limitations of this life.

This does not imply that the saints in heaven therefore must be omniscient, as God is, for it is only through God’s willing it that they can communicate with others in heaven or with us.

And Boettner’s argument about petitions arriving in different languages is even further off the mark. Does anyone really think that in heaven the saints are restricted to the King’s English? After all, it is God himself who gives the gift of tongues and the interpretation of tongues.

Surely those saints in Revelation understand the prayers they are shown to be offering to God.

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