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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

God will meets us right where we are.

God will meets us right where we are.

One of the greatest truths of the Christian faith is that God will meet us right where we are. It means that we don’t have to punish ourselves to have an appointment with him nor do we have to do anything or adhere to any set rules to please HIM or make Him love us, just because we are HIS children. Do we stop loving our children because they have done something wrong ?
The story of Naaman in the fifth chapter of 2 Kings of the Old Testament makes it clear. Naaman, who was a commander of the Aramean army had thought that Israel’s God was just like all the other god of his country. He got healed of his leprosy through the prophet Elisha. This miracle broke Naaman’s arrogance to pieces and made him realize that the Lord was the only true God.
When he went to the prophet Elisha for healing, he had expected that he would be asked to do something great, to please the God of Israel and receive his favor. But he was asked to do only something as simple as bathing in the Jordan River. We find that he was even angry at this suggestion. But we can see that this God more than cured his decease. There was also a change in his nature because Naaman vowed to worship only the Lord, and he would never again worship any other god.
This story illustrates how God who is so rich in mercy can heal us in spite of our sins and what we really are and ready to meet us right where we are.

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