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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mor Mattai Dayara ( St.Mathew Monastery) of Syriac Orthodox Church threatened

Christians Flee after Mor Mattai Dayara ( St.Mathew Monastery) of Syriac Orthodox Church is threatened by ISIS .

This historic Syriac Orthodox monastery in Iraq, where the monks still pray in the Aramaic - a language used by Jesus Christ - is in danger of being attacked by Islamic State militants.

According to Syriac tradition,the monastery was founded in 363 by Mar Mattai who had fled persecution in Amid under the Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate.  He was involved in healing the sister of Mor Behnam and converting both the brother and sister to Christianity.

Their father, king Sennacherib of Assyria  killed his son and daughter who repented later and gave Mattai a place on top of Mount Alfaf in order to establish his monastery. Mattai soon had a small group of Syriac followers. The community developed under his leadership.

Father Joseph Ibrahim, who is one among the seven remaining monks  in this enormous mountainside monastery, admits that he's afraid of "the unknown future." Let us uphold our brothers in prayer.

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